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  • Ray Bromley
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  • Justine Myers
    Sales Manager
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  • Dan Lehr
    Pre-Owned Manager
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    Knowing that we are providing a high quality product to Central Pennsylvania, and most importantly keeping everyone safe one Volvo sale at a time is what motivates me every day to go to work. Overall I am a really big car guy and Volvo has been one of my favorite brands for decades.

    Lehman Volvo Cars has a rich history or putting clients and employees above all else. We are the exact opposite of what people don't enjoy about car dealerships. It shows in the longevity and low turnover we have in all departments. There is a wealth of knowledge we have that puts us in a really unique position compared to many of our competitors.

    Dan's favorite Volvo model: On the new side I would have to say the 2020 Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered. Its a modern interpretation of the European Sport Wagon, a segment Volvo has mastered for decades. The new vehicles drive so well and of course have virtually no compromise in comfort, performance and technology. Being a Volvo, safety is still at its core as well. Favorite classic would have to be the Volvo 144, it set the Scandinavian design standard that has been ingrained in the company since its debut over 50 years ago.

  • Matt Richmond
    Sales Consultant
    717-691-8400 x227

    I am a Volvo Sales Consultant and the Special Sales Ambassador (which focuses on affinity, fleet, and overseas delivery sales.) I do my best to help match our clients to their ideal model and products. And I try to help ensure their long term happiness; not only with their Volvo, but with Lehman Motors as a whole. Our clients' current and future experiences and interactions with sales, service, and parts should be second to none.

    Like Volvo's Designed Around you approach; people are the center of the focus. I'm not just talking about making sure that everything we do will have a positive effect on our clients. The same focus is on the employees internally too. In an industry rife with employee turnover, Lehman Volvo Cars bucks the trend with multiple employees with over 10, 20, even 30 years with Lehman Motors. That doesn't happen without a genuinely people focused approach at every level (employee, management, and ownership.)

    Matt's favorite Volvo model: I'd love to say P1800, or an Amazon, but if someone said I could pick any Volvo it would be a new one. It seems that with each new launch, that vehicle becomes my favorite. The way Volvo is innovating on the technology, safety, style, etc… I can't resist the new ones. If I could get the T8 powertrain in the 2020 V60 Cross Country, that would be the one… but until that (hopefully) happens, it has to be the 2020 V60 T8 eAWD Polestar Engineered.

  • Mary Abruzzese
    Sales Consultant
    717-691-8400 x214

    2018 Volvo Excellence Winner and 2019 Best of Cumberland County Runner Up

  • Doug Frantz
    Sales Consultant
    717-691-8400 x223

    I love traditional American companies. Volvo is of course Swedish, but our dealership is American family run and it really shows. Working with my coworkers here at Lehman I get a feeling of teamwork in fulfilling a community need. We are a dealership that strives to provide the type of service that I want as a consumer myself. Being a part of that rather than just another rat race car store is very meaningful to me.

    Doug's Favorite Volvo model: OV4, first production model. I love simple machines. It's one of the reasons I enjoy today's models because while they aren't nearly as simple as the OV4 they offer a thoughtful elegance to presenting today's safety and luxury features in a simple to use way. The OV4 allowed for everything we have today from Volvo, and gave Sweden it's automotive independence to create a car with values that are now appreciated globally.

  • Stacy Stine
    Sales Consultant
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  • Jeff Basehore
    Service Manager
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  • Sean McDermott
    Service Advisor
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  • Dave Suhr
    Service Advisor
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