Shop Online for a Certified Pre-Owned Volvo From Lehman Volvo Cars of Mechanicsburg

For some buyers, upgrading to a newer car means purchasing a relatively recent pre-owned model. Vehicles with a reasonable amount of age and mileage on them boost confidence. Volvo Certified Pre-Owned models available at our dealership in Mechanicsburg drive those confidence levels further. The company presents several guarantees to add value to the purchase.

The Volvo CPO Program

When you see a certified Volvo XC60 or Volvo S90 for sale near Lemoyne, PA, realize the vehicle must meet minimum mileage and maximum age requirements and pass a 170-point inspection. Any repairs performed require genuine parts and work done by a factory-trained technician.

Vehicles cannot accumulate more than 80,000 miles on the odometer. By restricting the mileage, Volvo cuts down on the chances the vehicle suffered too much wear and tear. Also, buyers won't be purchasing a model closing in on an extensive high-mileage tune-up session.

Other factors contribute to wear-and-tear, which is why the massive inspection process occurs near Harrisburg, PA. And unlike other manufacturers, Volvo takes things one step further and has technicians perform a road test. Performance problems can't hide on a road test.

Shopping Online for a CPO Volvo

If you want to buy a certified Volvo V90 and worry about traveling to the dealership, don't worry. Our office presents stress-free ways of shopping online. A search of our inventory should reveal all the CPO models currently in-stock. Use the search feature to narrow down selections by make, model, budget, and other categories.

Buying online may lead shoppers to ask questions. That's not a problem. If you want to know anything about a specific vehicle or want to know about trade-ins of financing, call or message our office near Camp Hill, PA. Someone will contact you shortly.

Shoppers can request preliminary loan screening, trade-in valuations, and more online. The internet makes visiting the dealership for "mundane" aspects of car buying obsolete. Shoppers pressed for time or dealing with other concerns can rest assured our dealership is capable of delivering a thoroughly professional online shopping experience.

Volvo produces many high-performance, reliable models. The company also wants to move in a futuristic direction. Moving the car shopping experience to an online reflects one way it is doing so.

The Volvo CPO Warranty

Certified Pre-Owned Volvos come with a five-year/Unlimited mile exclusionary warranty on top the certification and inspection process. When you purchase a vehicle bearing the Volvo name, expect to tap into the company's decades of established quality. Volvo models are built to last, a trait that makes them perfect certified pre-owned purchasing selections. Buyers will, understandably, want additional guarantees. Impressive warranty coverage allows those buyers to feel more confident in the purchase near Lemoyne, PA.

Ask about the specific details related to warranty coverage. Would-be buyers can review the information online, which adds to the convenience of the online shopping experience. Once you discover how exceptional the warranty deal is, you'll see Volvo stands as a customer-friendly manufacturer.

Added Volvo CPO Benefits

Roadside assistance adds more value to the program. Vehicles do suffer from less-than-appreciated situations on highways and streets. Roadside assistance support provides a solution to make troubling scenarios around Harrisburg, PA. A CARFAX report tells buyers about maintenance, ownership, service, and accident histories. You get one with the Volvo CPO program. Consider the report to be a valuable help.

Test Drive a CPO Volvo From Lehman Volvo Cars of Mechanicsburg

No matter how many positives we point out, nothing tells a tale better than a test drive. Come to our dealership to bring a CPO Volvo out on a Camp Hill, PA, road for one today. Volvo offers an enhanced Certified Pre-Owned buying experience. Why not take advantage of what the classic manufacturer provides to online buyers? We look forward to working with you soon!