Retired Service Loaners

Shop the Volvo Retired Loaner Inventory at Lehman Motors in Mechanicsburg

We offer retired Volvo loaner vehicles in addition to our new and used Volvo vehicles. With our "New to You" program, you can enjoy some of the highest quality vehicles in the area for less investment.

What is a Volvo loaner vehicle?

Dealerships have two vehicle types that fall into this category. The first type refers to a showroom model that we let customers test drive. This puts a few miles on the vehicles, so we cannot sell them as new. We enter them into our retired loaner program when their model year ends.

The other loaner vehicles come from those we loan to customers in the Harrisburg area who must leave their vehicle for maintenance at our on-site repair facility. This saves them from needing to rent a car for just one day. It also puts a few miles on the odometer.

Buying a Volvo Loaner Inventory Vehicle

You can purchase these Volvo vehicles with confidence. They provide a discounted buy but exhibit the same high quality as a new vehicle. We inspect these cars before offering them to Carlisle buyers, and they must meet our criteria before entering the program. The retired loaner program lets you obtain a new model vehicle with all of the advanced technology and safety features at a reduced price.

You can obtain financing help with these vehicles as well. In fact, you can use all the standard options for purchase in relation to these vehicles. You can trade-in your existing vehicle for its trade-in value, cashback, or a combination of the two. This lets you apply that to the purchase price of the retired loaner vehicle. You can find a wide selection of vehicles in the loaner inventory, including, the Volvo XC90, Volvo XC60 or the Volvo S60.

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