Volvo On-Call

Lehman Volvo Cars of Mechanicsburg Mechanicsburg PA

REMOTE START--With the ability to start your Volvo and control the temperature of the cabin before you leave, you can ensure every trip begins and ends with comfort.

DIGITAL SERVICE BOOKING--Enjoy a personalized experience by scheduling your next service appointment through your Volvo On Call app. Some benefits include service reminders, on-demand scheduling, real time retailer availability and more!

IN-CAR DELIVERY--With In-Car Delivery in partnership with Key by Amazon, you can have your packages delivered safely and securely directly to your Volvo.

CAR SHARING--It's easy to safely share your Volvo XC40 with friends and family through the Volvo on Call app, giving them keyless access.

CHECK CHARGE--Begin your day with peace of mind, knowing your Volvo T8 Hybrid or P8 Fully Electric is fully charged with charging updates in the Volvo On Call app.

SEND DESTINATION--See your car on a map and get directions, or ask it to honk and flash for quick location.

LOCK YOUR CAR--Lock and unlock your car remotely. You can also check if windows and doors are open or closed.

Lehman Volvo Cars of Mechanicsburg Mechanicsburg PA
Lehman Volvo Cars of Mechanicsburg Mechanicsburg PA